• Conductive Cable/pipe location and depth: eg. Telstra/Power
  • Non-conductive pipe location: eg. Sewer/Stormwater Pipes
  • Non-conductive pipe location: eg. Water filled poly lines
  • Leak Detection
  • Metal Detection to 1.2m
  • GPR Ground Penetrating Radar (IDS GRED 3D Software)-Any asset not covered by the above list or any asset buried in the ground. (Eg. Old septic tank.) The GPR's performance can be limited in reactive soil sites. Ie. It may not be able to penetrate to optimum depth of 8m and some objects can take on identical properties as its surrounding substrata material rendering it invisible on the GRED 3D software. This is an inherent problem with GPR's and is not limited to the Detector Duo and RiS machines, but to all GPR's

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